A palace is consider to be a grand residence, full of furnished lifestyle, along with the royal residence. In general, the term palace is commonly seems to be associated with the house of head of state or the landlord of an area with higher ranking. In this article, a brief documentation of a heritage preservation "While Palace of Dhamdachha" has been given. This palace is located in Navsari the district of Gujrat one of the business hub of the India. This palace is a must-visit attraction for anyone due to the stunning architecture which this palace is featuring along with the grandiose atmosphere. Moreover, this transcendental property is considered to be a grand affair because of the glint sunlight passing over the ivory materials in the palace. Therefore, it has been said that this palace is comprised of the most elegant visuals. The color-contrasting effects are complemented because of the existing architecture of the palace which has white color in both interior and exteriorsides.

Hence, the backdrop effects arise a sophistication full of lust for viewing the palace in depth. In particular, this palace presents a very astonishing view when a user first visit time visit this place. The starting of the palace is consist of a beautiful lawn containing different types of flowers. Most of the flowers in the collection of this lawn are from different precious races. The purpose of this collection is the elaboration of the effect of defining the royalty of the palace. As interesting as it may appears, the complete view of the palace is in white color and the furniture available in the palace along with the overall galleries and the rare pieces of historic collections are mostly in white color.

The purpose behind the selection of this color is to enhance the beauty of the palace. As we know that the major beauty of the Taj Mahal is because of its white color and the rare piece of architecture. So, by keeping in mind, the engineers of that time and the architects of that time had taken the decision to keep it white in color for making it more beautiful and enhancing the factor of sophistication. However, the idea of keeping the furniture and the interior of the palace white may contradict the thinking of an individual. As, it has already been noted that the color combination may enhance the visual effects of a palace.

But in this case, the developers has keep the color of the palace white for both the interior and the exterior which has proved to be the best color pickup ever for the development purpose. In general, this palace contains large different rooms which are completely furnished along with technical related stuffs. It contains a library which have a large collection of books ranging from different world class authors to the best authors of time. The visitors can sit in this library for the sake of reading these world class books collection. The major purpose of this library was the enhancing of the royal factor. As it has been noted that royal family mostly like to read books therefore a dedicated library has been made in this palace for this purpose.

Moreover, some of the collection of books in this library are from those authors whose publications are no longer existing and these are the rare copies of those authors. This palace is a must-visit place for anyone. In particular, the visitors can play different games there with a wider range of the board games such as pool, table tennis, air hockey, basketball, and swimming. The major purpose of providing these facilities is because to keep the visitors enjoying with their companions. Most of the time, it is noted that a palace always contains a wide range of playgrounds and other playing stuffs.

This is just because the royal families usually like to keep their self busy in playing royal games. Likewise, some of the games are explicitly considered to be associated with the royalty such as chess and polo. By keeping this in mind, the facility of playing different games in the palace is also available. This facility promotes the visitors' experience while interacting with different things in the palace. Hence, it has been noted that most of the time each visitor likes to visit the palace again or better suggest it to their friends as a must visit attraction place. In sum, if we talk about the overall architecture of the palace in night then the beauty of the palace gets double because of the perfect light combinations which has been used on the boundaries of the palace and in the interior of the palace.

The lights in the fountain seems to be very astonishing and very lustful along with the color combination of the interior which can be seen in the background of the fountain. Hence, on the basis of all these facts, this palace is a considered as a must-visit place which everyone have to visit to get the taste and feel of the royal lifestyle along with the astonishing atmosphere which an individual can feel while visiting this palace. This palace has no particular links with the history. Therefore, the overall architectural view of the palace is seems to be latest in design while reflecting decent visual effects. Lastly, it can be concluded that white color has a wonderful grace and once proof again after the Taj Mahal that a palace will seem more beautiful having a decent color combination.